Student Peer Learning Assistant Application


This application form is for both NEW peer learning assistants and those who already are EXPERIENCED peer learning assistants (e.g. as BioCats, SI facilitators, tutors etc.).

Please have information prepared in advance and saved in a word processing document, and then copy and paste them into the form, as the form may time out before you submit and your input would be lost…

Some information you will need (and want to have ready before starting to fill out the form):

  • Your Aggie student ID
  • Current cumulative GPA
  • Courses that you have already taken that relate to the LA assignment that you apply for and letter grades for those courses.
  • A paragraph or two describing “Why do you want to be a peer learning assistant?”
  • Experienced PLAs: A description of your previous assignment and what you gained from this experience.
    Any suggestions you have to modify your role as PLA.
  • Name and contact information of at least one faculty member that is willing to be your reference. (Your reference will not need to write a letter of recommendation, but we might want to contact her or him.)

Student Peer Learning Assistant Application - Fall 2016

Form to apply for a peer learning assistant position.
  • You can find your Aggie ID on your ID card or in in the top right corner of your screen as a drop-down information.
  • Used for email communication about this application.
  • (You may select more than one, if applicable).
  • Education

  • Why would you like to be a Peer Learning Assistant?

    Describe what motivates you to participate in the PLA program. What do you hope to gain from this experience? What would make you a "great" PLA?
  • Courses to be a PLA for and your educational background

    Please note that course instructors have to first apply to get funding for a PLA and that this is a competitive process. Therefore the list of courses supported in the fall 2016 is only available after those course applications have been reviewed. Nevertheless use the following fields to indicate your interests, even before we know if this course will be supported by the program. You will get informed about any PLA opportunities in related courses.
  • Please enter a value between 0 and 4.000.
  • What specific courses have you already taken that are relevant for the PLA assignment you apply for? What grades did you earn in those courses? Example: MATH 191G (B+), CHEM 111 (A-), ART 285 (A), C S 172 (in progress)
  • What specific courses are you taking fall 2016 that are relevant for the PLA assignment you apply for? (Note you cannot be a PLA for a course you take yourself.)
  • Please list the course(s) and instructor(s) that you were a PLA for. Describe what you did like about the experience and how it did benefit you personally. What could be improved?
  • Reference(s)

    Please provide us with at least one professional reference e.g. from a faculty member. (No letter of recommendation is required.)
  • Please provide us with at least one professional reference. Include name, job title, relationship, email and phone number.